Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rejseplanen @ Journey Planner

This time I would like to share about a website ( which is very important to properly plan your journey here around Copenhagen. You can also download the rejseplanen apps in your iPhones or Androids. Rejseplanen is a Danish word which means Journey Planner. I'm sure that there are similar sites in other European countries, at least for Paris I know they have this. So for anyone who are planning to come to Copenhagen anytime soon, I recommend you to use this website in order to plan your journey. I have been staying here for almost 3 years now and I'm still using it.

In order to use it, log in to the website and select the English language. Then fill in the departure and the arrival points. You can either enter the name of the station, stop, address or the phone number at the place (but I never use phone numbers before). After that, you need to also enter the date and time of departure or arrival. Then click 'Find Journey' to get the route suggestions. You will get a view like below. I entered from Holte Midpunkt to Danmarksvej stops at 8.00 on 12 March 2012. You can see that there are several route suggestions near the initial time that you entered and also the time duration of each routes. You can also click 'Show earlier departures' or 'Show later departures' to see suggestions of routes of earlier or later times. 

In the view shown above and below, you can further click 'SEE MORE' to see information about the detailed travel plans with maps, price of the journey and others. So it is very easy and convenient to use this website. I have it in my phone, so I can plan my journey anytime and anywhere in Copenhagen, provided that there are internet connection/free wireless around. Sådan !

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