Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dinner with Malaysian Embassy

Last Friday (7 August 2009) afternoon, we (Malaysians in Denmark) were invited by the Malaysia Embassy for a dinner in Kebabish restaurant in Copenhagen. In that function I get to meet the Ambassador H.E Datuk Kamaruddin Mustafa, his wife and his delegates. They are very welcoming. I also get to meet other Malaysians that are in Denmark which I haven't met before and they are very friendly. Some have been here in Denmark for more than 20 years, either married to the locals or working here. There are also two Master students from Malmo, Sweden. Actually there are no Malaysian Embassy specifically in Denmark, they are based in Stockholm, Sweden. They cover countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Iceland, Estonia and Latvia. This function is organised so that the relation between the Malaysians here and the Embassy can be tightened and information about the Embassy can be given directly by the ambassador himself. Looking forward for this kind of function in the future. Its really good to meet the Malaysians if you are somewhere far from your country.

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