Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Best Time..

What do you think ?. Best woo sambung PhD ni. The comic is somewhat true, especially when you study abroad. But that's not our main reason. The main reason is to try your best to get a PhD. But in that process, you get the chance to learn a lot of things for example conducting research with established Professors in their field, work with coallegues of different nationality, culture and religion. Besides that, you can interact with the locals where you are living. Studying in Europe also give us the chance to see the culture and life of the European which one of the important experience that we can bring home. This is a chance of a lifetime that we can get to visit these places. So for those who criticised us of always going for a vacation is not appropriate and need to think twice before criticising. Won't you be doing the same thing ? You need to have a good time management to decide when to have your holiday and when to work. Besides, we even discuss this with our supervisors. We are not robots that can work 24 hours every day and every month. Another thing, you don't usually put pictures of you studying and researching in blogs and facebooks right. We only put the exciting things i.e the places you visited, gatherings etc. We know what we are doing and we are trying our best. So please help us by giving supports and not critics. However, an advice would be nice..;)

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