Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trip to Kronborg Castle, Helsingor

On 2-4 June 2009, I'm attending CAPEC Annual Meeting in Comwell Borupgaard Hotel, Helsingor Denmark. At first, I thought that I would be celebrating my wedding anniversary with both my wife and I being in separate places but I was lucky to be able to bring my wife here with me to Helsingor. At first my roomate in the hotel here should be Jamal. But at the last minute he decided not to stay at the hotel leaving me with no roomate. Suprisingly my supervisor offered me to bring my wife along and to join the annual meeting as well with everything taken care by CAPEC (the food and the stay). This is our first time in Helsingor and this would be our some sort of a honeymoon for our anniversary hehe. In addition to that, it is good as my wife can also be able to meet and get to know some of my colleagues here in CAPEC.

As part of our activity here for the annual meeting, we have been taken for a trip to Kronborg Castle situated here in Helsingor. Kronborg Castle comprise both an elegant royal castle and a striking military fortress with an interesting and dramatic history. It also the most renowned castle in Denmark, made famous round the world by Shakespeare's "Hamlet", and the venue is included on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

The first day of the annual meeting was just to get together with the participants with this trip and discussion during dinner. I will update further of what we are doing for this annual meeting for the 2nd and the last day being here. Stay tuned.

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