Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Summer Time !

Yesterday after coming back from central Copenhagen, we went for a picnic and barbeque at Virum Lake with our Malaysian friends here in Denmark. It is summer time and sure it is the best time in Denmark to go outdoor for a picnic and barbeque by the wonderful lake. Most of the time in Denmark the weather may be cold or not very suitable for this kind of activities and at this time we can see that most of the locals enjoyed themselves outdoor including us. At the lake, the locals and other people usually sunbathing, swimming, picnicking and having a nice time with their families. But the clothings are sure not suitable for our culture if you know what I mean hehe.
As for me I really enjoy this activity because we can hang out together with other fellow Malaysians, share some stories and experience and even plan future activities I guess. We really have a great time yesterday. We barbequed some satay, chicken, corns, sausages, mushrooms and even banana haha. Besides picnic and barbeque the guys and the kids also have fun swimming in the lake. The lake is very nice for swimming as it is not very deep and the water is clear, to make it better it is not salty as the sea water. But I did not bring extra clothes for this, damn hehe maybe next time. We stay there from 4.00 PM until around 8.30 PM and the weather is still clear and this only happens when it is summer. Thanks to all who invited us and preparing the foods, may Allah bless you guys.

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