Thursday, June 4, 2009

Annual Meeting..

I have just came back home from attending the Annual Meeting for CAPEC at Helsingor yesterday and it was a nice experience for me. As a summary this meeting can be considered as a platform for this centre to communicate with the consortium company members of what are the current research projects undergoing right now in CAPEC. During this meeting, all the PhD students in CAPEC have presented their projects and the current results that they obtained from the project. Other than that, there are presentation from the faculty members and invited speakers from other centres and company.

It is good for such event in order to bring the research community close to the industrial community and applying the research directly to the industry. I had met with some of the company members and it is good to hear their experiences in the industry and how the researches in CAPEC have benefited their work. One way or another it is an important event especially that you can broaden your network with people that are related to your field of research.

For this annual meeting, I was given a 5 minutes presentation for the introduction of my PhD project for new projects in CAPEC and I'm looking forward to present on next year's annual meeting. Finally I would like congratulate all the organizers and all the researchers for a job well done.

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