Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Status Report: Slow Progress

Well, I don't know what I've been doing for the past 2 weeks right after the Annual Meeting week. It seems that my progress is very slow. Just like Gary down there, meoww hehe. Maybe because of my laziness ? Maybe. Actually I haven't had any meetings with my main supervisor for this past 2 weeks because there are many conferences this month. And I'm stuck with something regarding my research, still trying to figure out and understand. Luckily I have a co-supervisor which show me a glimpse of light for the progress of my research. Meeting your supervisor every week could be stressful for students like me but indeed it is the right way of supervising because it can keep you on track of your research progress. Eventhough, I'm not meeting them but I still need to send a weekly status report through e-mail. But it's different when you can discuss in front of them (supervisors) personally.

In addition to that, in this 2 weeks period I also have a Teaching Assistant duty to carry (Unit Operation lab) which will definitely take a lot of my precious time. Plus in July I have to take 2 courses for a 3 weeks period. These are compulsory for us (PhD students) here. I really need to have good time management here. I have to triple up my effort and trying to stop wasting any precious time. My family hope is on me, I need to work hard and smart. Wish me luck ok and pray for me. InsyaAllah..

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