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Process Systems Engineering Centre (PROSPECT UTM)

Process Systems Engineering Centre (PROSPECT) is a centre of excellence within the Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. PROSPECT specialises in aspects of planning, design and creation of sustainable and innovative process and product supply chain as well as optimal and efficient operation of process systems. More than 15 years experience in Process Systems Engineering (PSE) R & D, software product development, consultancy services and training has positioned PROSPECT as one of the leading PSE centres of excellence in the region that specializes in process and product design and development with emphasis on conservation of natural resources; in particular, materials, energy and water.

In meeting the modern-day process engineering challenges marked by volatile energy prices and rising concern on climate change, PROSPECT strives to “engineer sustainability” by providing comprehensive and innovative solution through R & D, consultancy services and training. PROSPECT’s ultimate aim is process intensification, i.e. the creation of cleaner, safer, energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable process systems. PROSPECT’s tagline, “Engineering Sustainability” reflects its core philosophy and expertise in the creation and engineering of sustainable product and process systems.

PROSPECT strives to engineer sustainability in its core business of designing and developing creative and innovative process and product supply chain that are inherently cleaner, safer, energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable

“Intensification of process design and improvement of processes towards inherently cleaner, safer, energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable process systems"

To date, PROSPECT has successfully completed more than 40 research and consultancy projects in systems engineering, particularly those related to energy and utility conservation as well as renewable energy systems for various industrial sectors including palm oil and oleochemicals, agriculture (e.g. rice), refinery and petrochemicals, bio-processes, fine chemicals, semi-conductor, pulp and paper, food and drinks, cement industry as well as for buildings. Most of the accomplished R & D works have resulted in software product solutions, publications in premiere international journals, presentation in conferences, prestigious awards and product patents.

PROSPECT is recognized as one of the region’s leading trainer in energy, water and resource conservation. Among its signature training workshops are “Maximising Energy and Utility Cost Savings in Process Industry Using Pinch Analysis” and “A Holistic Approach for Energy Management” which have seen the participation of up to 300 multi-national companies.

PROSPECT members are Energy Professionals and contribute as Technical Advisors for the government on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. One of the noteworthy recognition received by PROSPECT is the appointment of one of its member by PTM and ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE) in Jakarta as the Malaysian representative in the 10-member Board of Judges for ASEAN Energy Management Competition coordinated by ACE and supported by Energy Conservation Center of Japan (ECCJ).

PROSPECT’s main in-house copyrighted and patented software products include Optimal Audit software which is a 3-in-1 software solution for energy, wastewater and emission audits; Optimal-Heat and Optimal-Water which are software for maximizing energy and water cost savings that implement thermal and water pinch techniques. Optimal-Audit software aims to cater for energy managers and is developed in co-operation with Malaysia Energy Centre to assist companies to conduct in-house DIY (do-it-yourself) energy audit.

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Info: I'm a member of PROSPECT.

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