Friday, May 15, 2009

Around Copenhagen..

On the 18th of April 2009, me and my wife and the other Malaysian DTU colleagues went to Copenhagen for a picnic at Langelinie Park. This is in conjunction with the Sakura Festival which was organised by the Japan Embassy here in Denmark and the Municipality of Copenhagen. There are a lot of Sakura trees planted here in Langelinie Park and it was donated by the Japenese. In Japan people love and admire Sakura blossom and almost everybody go out to enjoy its beauty together with families, friends, office-mates and so forth wherever and whenever Sakura bloom. In this festival, the Japanese were invited to perform cultural acts and the local people are invited to participate. There are also stall which sells Japanese food and souvenir. Hopefully, some day there will be a Malaysia Festival here.

It was a great day with good weather and beautiful Sakura trees. There for the first time me and my wife met Abdillah, Azlin and their two sons Azizi and Kebi. They both are studying PhD in Roskilde University. We also met Akma with her husband and son. She is studying PhD in Copenhagen University. It’s good to meet many Malaysians here in Denmark. We had Nasi Lemak and Roti Jala, delicious!! Thanks guys, I only brought potato chips and ice tea hehe. There’s a lot of Danes and other foreigners having picnic around this festival, they are very enjoying the event.

Me and my wife then went for a stroll around the park in trying to search for the famous Little Mermaid statue. The statue is very famous here in Denmark and can be considered as one of the main tourist attraction. But don’t be dissapointed if you are coming here to see the statue because it is just a small statue. That’s why they call it LITTLE Mermaid. Daa!. Next year, they will move the statue to China for an exhibition. Lucky me, I have been there to see it and capture some nice pictures of ‘us’ hehe.

After the picnic, on our way back to the train station we met 2 Malaysians. They were very estatic to see us. “Malaysia Boleh” they said. These 2 guys are on tour in Europe to promote Sepak Takraw to the Europeans. Next stop is Berlin and Amsterdam. I’m proud of them. One of them said that he have played Sepak Takraw for the national team some time ago. They feel very happy to meet us here in Copenhagen. Well, you will appreciate Malaysian more when you meet them in foreign countries (especially with less Malaysian) as if you know them for a long time. I remember one Malaysian who greets me by waving his hand to me with smile in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam even though I do not know him. One thing, you will feel like home when you meet and talk to them here. Any Malaysians coming to Denmark?. Please contact us haha.

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