Friday, May 22, 2009

About My Research..

In this post I would like to talk about my PhD research. My research project mainly concerns on developing a chemical property prediction model (which has been initially developed by my supervisor and his team and I'm continuing Hugo's work), some analysis of its performance and finally the application of this model in selected industrial case study in Malaysia, which hopefully I can finish within 3 years. In order to work with the project, I need to understand about chemical engineering thermodynamics, parameter optimization, computer aided modeling, programming etc. This project involves no experimental work, however I need to use available experimental data from literature.

It is quite challenging for me initially as I need to learn about programming which I'm not really good at it (meaning I've never write a program before except when I learnt C Programming when I'm an undergraduate, which was 6 years ago). For this project, I'm continuing Hugo's work. To ensure smooth takeover of his project, he has spent I week to explain the work that he has done to me and taught me about how to run the programming codes. I really appreciate that man!. But you know what? Suprisingly, the codes have 30 000 lines !!. This is because it was handed from one researcher to another and I can see a file (in the folders in the CD) which was created on 1980! (even the file is older than me). However it is an honour to continue the work of past researchers haha.

For this project I'm using Fortran programming codes and currently I'm doing self learning the see whether I've really understand how to run the codes and continue to develop the model. Wish me luck ok !!.

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