Friday, September 4, 2009

PPEPPD Abstract Submitted

Alhamdulillah last week (24 August 2009) I have submitted an abstract for the PPEPPD 2010 conference which will be held in China next May 2010. Starting from now on, there are several tasks that I need do and complete before the conference which are the commitments that I have stated in the abstract and to be presented in the conference. Its good to have a target for completing these tasks as it will drive me to work harder. Hopefully the abstract will be accepted by the scientific committee. InsyaAllah.
One good thing about this conference is that if you produce a good paper there will be a chance for you to publish your work in the Fluid Phase Equilibria journal. That's really great. If I'm able to publish my work in the journal through this conference, that would be quite fast for me. Being able to publish your PhD research works in any international journal is a big achievement and its also important as your work will be reviewed by experts before it can be published. I really need to work hard and smart to achieve this. Pray for me ok guys.

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