Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Stroll @ Holte Lake..

Last weekend we went for a stroll near the Holte Lake which is just located near our apartment. I was planning to take some pictures of the lake and to get Eilman to sleep for a while. Its really hard to get Eilman to sleep during daytime, but when we put him into the stroller, suddenly he switched off and sleeps very well hehe. On the other hand, I like to take pictures using my DSLR, but the problem is I haven't learnt the techniques yet like what settings for this kind of view, what settings for other views and at what angle. So, I just take the pictures using normal settings and my instincts and here they are. It is a nice place to take a short stroll but it is not really suitable to have picnics and barbeque here. The path around the lake is full of bushes and small fying insects which is quite annoying for me hehe. But it is worthwhile just to have a short stroll and to take some pictures of the lake. Other activity which is quite fun is that you can feed the ducks and swans around the lake. Maybe we will do that next time because we forgot to bring the breads that day huhu.

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