Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer @ Vedbæk Havn

This afternoon we went to Vedbaek Havn just to enjoy the sea breeze and the summer, of course !. It is 23 degrees Celcius today. My wife went to her friend's house in Vedbaek last Wednesday for her weekly mother group meet up and she thought that the view there is nice. Therefore we decided to spend our time today in Vedbaek Havn. Here are the pictures !
By the way, there was a Danish girl who was very interested with Eilman and she also have a brother with the same age. She requested to hold Eilman for a while but unfortunately Eilman cried so loud, even louder when she tried to calm him down. The same situation also happens last week when 2 of our friends try to hold Eilman. Any advices ? Maybe I need to often bring Eilman to see people so that he won't be scared. Anyway, we went back home just before the World Cup match between Germany and Argentina :)


  1. Nice place bro...

  2. lawa tempat tu. bole la pegi selalu, utk release2 kan otak bila dah jem buat PhD :)

    psl nangis bila didukung tu, rasanya sbb x biasa dgn org2 lain kot. aisyah had the same trouble, sbb kita di kejauhan ni, hari2 dia menatap muka ibu dan ayah dia aje. kalo kat msia, biasanya ada org2 lain, atuk, nenek, pakcik, makcik, semua biasa amik and buat main. i have no advice really, cuma maybe bg biasa2 kan dgn org lain when u have the chance. tp kan, it's nothing to worry, bila diorg start sekolah it'll sort itself out. aisyah now goes to nursery, and slowly, dah mcm ok sket dgn org lain (it took quite awhile jgk la, to be honest!) :)


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