Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trip to UK: December 2009

Last month after moving to Hoje Taastrup, we went for a trip to UK for 9 days (22-31 December 2009) during my Christmas/New Year holiday. We went to London, Sheffield, Manchester and Nottingham. It has been my childhood dream (other than to experience the snow) to visit London and being there is like a dream come true. We were also lucky to receive great hospitality from our hosts there, Hafiz Dzarfan, Mukhlis & Hafiz Puteh (in London), Kak Ruhil & Mr. Bukhari (in Sheffield) and Rukaida & Zulwaqar (in Nottingham). Thanks for having us.
Actually our trip to London (through London Gatwick Airport) was scheduled on the 21st of December 2009. But unluckily our flight was cancelled just 5 minutes before boarding due to bad weather condition. However we managed to book another flight the next day and Alhamdullillah we made it to London on the 22nd December 2009. On the 23rd and 24th of December we visited many places in London such as the Big Ben & House of Parliament, London Eye, London & Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Royal Albert Hall, the Malaysian Hall and many more. During Christmas, we just stayed at home since the public transport is out of service and all shops are closed. The next day our plan for the whole day was to go shopping during the so-called Boxing Day. We went shopping at the famous Oxford Street and Westfield. Indeed the prices of the things there are far cheaper than what we have here in Copenhagen.
Then on the 27th December 2009, we went to Sheffiled to visit our friend Kak Ruhil who had just give birth to her third child and we spent 1 night at their house. The next day we went to visit Manchester. There, the first place we visited was Old Trafford, the home ground of the famous Manchester United Football Club, which team I supported hehe. After buying some souvenirs we went around the Manchester City. Later we went to Nottingham and stayed at Rukaida & Zulwaqar's house. They were my wife's friends since in UTM. The next morning Zul took us around the University of Nottingham, Wollaton Park, Nottingham City and the famous Nottingham Castle. We went back to London later on the afternoon.
On our last day in London on the 30th of December 2009, we went to visit places such as the Emirates Stadium (home ground of the Arsenal Football Club), Stamford Bridge (home ground of the Chelsea Football Club) and others. We arrived back in Copenhagen on the 31st December 2009. Indeed we have great experience there in UK and hope to be there again someday.
In UK, we have met many Malaysians and at some point we felt like being in KL especially in the Malaysian Hall, Bayswater and Old Trafford, Manchester. There are some of them who are very friendly but dissapointingly most of them just ingore you. Maybe there are too many Malaysians there in UK. So if you just arrived in UK, be aware about this. However it is not a problem if you can just put a smile in your face anytime you bummed into another Malaysians. But in Denmark, if you are a Malaysian you will surely be greeted by us if we found you somewhere here. So come visit Denmark as well.


  1. Malaysian kat UK sombong ke? Member aku ada kat Sheffield.. Wife dia further study kat sana.. dengar2 dah jadi tokey beras..

  2. tidaklah sombong, cuma kebanyakannya takdela nak tegur-tegur kan..mungkin sebab ramai sangat Malaysians di tempat-tempat tertentu tu..

    oo ada kawan di Sheffield ye..member aku di sana ada juga cerita mengenai rakan diorang yang buat business import export dan wifenya tengah study..mungkin kawan noorul la tu kot..

  3. ade gak org malaysia cam tu ek...tmpt yg aku nak sgt sampai kat sana....:)

  4. yela Mokh, mungkin sebab Malaysians ramai sangat kot..kalau di Denmark ni tak ramai sangat, maka kalau jumpa tu pasti bertegur sapa..

  5. wah nmpk nya azizul dah travel London lebih drpd saya. kitaorg x sampai lg tempat2 tu, tgklah nnt ada rezeki Insya Allah sampai. I have to agree yg org kat London agak dingin, but next time kalo dtg UK, jemput la ke Plymouth sekali. Rakyat Msia nya ramah mesra, sbb sket je komuniti kitaorg kat sini hehe..

  6. salam..
    my fren n i nak p uk dis june.. we all sampai kat airport gatwick.. jauh tak airport tu ngan malaysian hall?


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