Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Member of Our Family..

No its not what you're thinking, my wife haven't give birth yet hehe. I mean our family of Malay and Malaysian community here in Denmark. Last Saturday (28 November 2009), a new family arrived in Denmark. They are Shamsuddin, his wife Maisara and their two sons Hazlam and Hulaif. Maisara will further her studies in DTU for 3 years. She is currently on study leave from her duty as a lecturer in UTHM, Batu Pahat Johor. Looks like I'm not the 'junior' anymore hehe. They received our warm welcome here with Kamaruddin, Fauzi and Nizam (and family) fetching them at the airport and the others waiting in Kamaruddin's house (where they will be staying for temporary) waiting to meet the new family. Since it is during the Eid Adha, we also have a small gathering.
At the airport

We hope that they will enjoy staying here in Denmark as far as we do and we pray for the success of Maisara's study (one of their main goal here). Indeed we are very happy to have them here. Hope to receive more friends in the future especially the students hehe.

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