Monday, October 26, 2009

Interested To Study @ DTU ?

As you all know (if you always follow this blog or if you know me) I am currently studying in Denmark Technical University (DTU) as a PhD student since last March and this blog is dedicated to my life here. This December there will be another PhD student with her family (husband and 2 children) from Malaysia (lecturer from UTHM) who will be studying in Denmark. In total, there are 11 Malaysian PhD students that are currently studying in Denmark (as far as I know) with 7 from them (including me) studying in DTU (others in Roskilde University and Copenhagen University). Besides that, there are also people out there (especially tutors or lecturers from public universities in Malaysia) that have shown their interest to study in Denmark (especially in DTU) through their consultation with us (about life here in Denmark and study environment).

As until now, I really enjoy studying in Denmark. You will love it especially if you have never been overseas. Many said that in Denmark all the things are expensive. As for me, some are indeed expensive but there are also items that are reasonable, you need to decide where and when to buy it. In fact the scholarship that you get will be more that sufficient I think (depend on how you spend it). The transportation systems is good (easy to travel) and you can also get a free health service (clinic, hospitals, doctors). As for the language, the main language here is Danish (I mean in Denmark), but don't worry because most Danes are excellent English speakers. However English is the main language in DTU (postgraduates). As a PhD student here, in DTU we are treated more as a staff (only that we are not permanent staff) which is interesting and we also have the opportunity to do research collaborations (with other institutions or companies), attend relevent courses (in Europe and outside) and most of the students here finished within 3 to 3 and a half year here.

If any of you or your friends is looking for a place the further their study (especially PhD, master also can) what about trying looking at DTU. Here is some
pictures/slides on DTU and you can also watch this video prepared by DTU on what is it like to study in DTU. Enjoy!

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