Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Day @ Skjeberg Alle 39

Last Saturday, we were invited by Abdillah and his family for a lunch and to celebrate his son's 7th birthday at their place in Skjeberg Alle 39, Høje Tåstrup. It was our first time there and we were lost when trying to find their apartment, thanks to our GPS hehe. I don't know what went wrong but I think its because the place is new I suppose. I can call Abdillah right away but I just wanted to test the GPS that we just bought. But anyway we arrived at the apartment safely with half an hour delay huhu after we called Abdillah to lead us the way hehe.

They really have a great apartment which is at the first floor and with a playground just behind the apartment. So its easier for the kids to play outside and for the parents to keep an eye on them. There's also a big shopping complex near that area and it is so convinient especially when you need to buy something and maybe if you need some retail therapy hehe.
We really had a great day there. We had nice Malaysian foods and its great to meet all our friends here in Denmark eventhough I don't talk much. But I like how we can be very close eventhough we just knew each other. We even played Uno card game and its really fun to see everyone very excited to play the game haha. Looking forward for this kind of gathering in the future.

Note: Credit to Miss Dayang for the pictures.

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