Sunday, October 17, 2010

1st Paper Accepted..

As a participant of the recent P*PEPPD 2010 conference that I have attended in China last May, we have the opportunity to further submit our paper to a Special Edition/Issue of an international journal, the F*luid P*hase E*quilibria journal. After submitting my manuscript in early June 2010, I received the comments from the editor and reviewers on 6 July 2010 and find out that I need to do a major revision and they will only accept the paper when the revision is done. So I began working on the corrections many times until they satisfies my SVs requirements. Then end of August, I submitted my first revision of the manuscript and then I received a second notification (20 September 2010) from the editor saying that I need to do my second revision just to correct some editorial requirements. Finally on the 27 September 2010, I received a notification from the editor confirming that they have accepted my manuscript. Alhamdulillah, it feels very good ! I hope this will encourage me to work harder. InsyaAllah. I have just done some corrections on the proof and hopefully it will be published in its final version soon. Above is a snapshot from the website after searching using my surname (my father's name). You can see my paper (No. 2) in its accepted manuscript version (not in final version). Journal No. 1 in the snapshot above is actually my father's hehe.


  1. Tahniah, semoga berjaya lagi.

  2. tahniah azizul. wah like father, like son ni :)

  3. Anonymous: Terima kasih..Abah ke tu?
    Oyis: Terima kasih Oyis..harap2 kejayaan Abahnya turun ke anaknya la hehe..


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