Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trip to Stockholm Sweden..

Last week (19-21 September 2010) we went to Stockholm, Sweden to register my son's Malaysian birth certificate and passport. Before this, there was a Malaysian Consulate here in Copenhagen but unfortunately it was closed end of April. Therefore we have no choice but to go to the nearest Malaysian Embassy which in Stockholm. Since my son still does not have any passport, we need to travel by land to go there. For that purpose I have rented a car. It took us 9 hours to reach Stockholm from Copenhagen and it was my first time driving with the driver's seat on the left side. At first it was awkward, but I catch up fast plus we was given an automatic car which make it easier to drive. From Copenhagen I drove to Helsingor Denmark and cross to Helsingborg Sweden by ferry and from there, we head directly to Stockholm. We arrived around 8.45 PM in Huddinge at our friend's apartment Shahrin and family where we stayed there for 2 days. We would like to thank Shahrin and family for being a great host eventhough we only met for the first time on that day.
The next day (20 September 2010) we went to the Malaysian Embassy where we met Mrs. Joyce and Puan Fauziah who are the officers responsible for the birth certificate registration and passport. They took Eilman's finger prints and my signature. It took just around 1 hour to complete all the required procedures. Now Eilman is officially a Malaysian hehe. After that, we have a tour around Stockholm city. Its not always that we get the chance to come to Stockholm and maybe this is the last time, therefore we used all time available to enjoy Stockholm. Indeed Stockholm is a very nice city to visit and I would suggest you to come visit here.
We left Huddinge on Tuesday and our way back to Copenhagen we visited Granna, a small beautiful city near Jonkoping Sweden. The scenery there was very beautiful. We saw a big lake just beside the highway and we could not resist to stop by and enjoy the scenery. But the breeze was very cold ! After crossing from Helsinborg to Helsingor, we arrived in Copenhagen at 9.00 PM after 9 hours of journey.

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